How to Become a Pharmaceutical Rep: Expert Guide (2023)

We all take drugs for one purpose or another, and most human health conditions depend on the availability of these drugs. There are so many pharmaceutical industries that produce several drugs available for consumption, each specializing in different types of drugs; however, there is a need to make these drugs available in the market. For this reason, a lot of people deliberately go for professional training on how to become a pharmaceutical rep.

Becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative requires more than just your willingness, presenting yourself as a pharmaceutical sales representative entails familiarizing yourself with different aspects of the industry and also getting relevant knowledge about how to market the drugs.

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Who is a Pharmaceutical Rep?

The pharmaceutical position consists of the attributes of a sales representative, and they also create, develop, and test new medications in order to fully carry out their sales functions. To put it another way, the pharmaceutical representative facilitates the production and marketing of drugs. They also act as a liaison between the pharmaceutical company and the pharmacist, passing information between the two parties and providing detailed descriptions of the use of some special drugs.

According to Wikipedia, pharmaceutical sales representatives are salespeople employed by pharmaceutical companies to persuade doctors to prescribe their drugs to patients.

What Does a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Do?

  • Make necessary information about the available product and deliver product samples to the pharmacist.
  • Provide answers to any lingering doubts the customer might have that are related to the product’s price, rules, and regulations.
  • Develop a positive relationship of trust with medical representatives in order to cause a feeling of involvement in the process of making decisions.
  • Put into consideration prior assessment of client’s needs when creating a new product
  • Make extensive research as well as identify individuals that are likely to become customers in the nearest future.
  • Staying up-to-date about new global pharmaceutical products around the world so as to be able to keep your customers informed.

How To Become a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Becoming a pharmaceutical representative may seem somewhat unattainable and a long stretch, however, that is not the case. You also have the opportunity of becoming a certified pharmaceutical representative by following this simple laid-down guide carefully.

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  • Earn your high school diploma
  • Go for a bachelor’s degree
  • Consider going for a graduate degree
  • Enroll for professional certification
  • You can begin networking
  • Get sales experience and develop your skills
  • Be updated on industry news
  • Prepare your resume and cover letter

#1. Earn Your High School Diploma

The first step to take in becoming a professional Pharmaceutical rep is to go for a high school diploma certificate. Also, have in mind that you should enroll in an accredited and reputable school.

#2. Go For a Bachelor’s Degree

Having gone through your high school diploma, the next step is to advance toward earning a bachelor’s degree. Earning a degree in pharmaceutical sales rep will ie you an edge when sourcing for an intern placement upon graduation however, this is not to say you can’t choose any other similar programs that are related to Pharmacology.

#3. Consider Going For a Graduate Degree

If you are serious about becoming a certified pharmaceutical sales rep then after your graduation, you should go for a postgraduate degree in addition to your first degree. This will expose you to more knowledge about your course of concern and better prepare you for the world.

#4. Enroll For Professional Certification

Also, there are people who have knowledge about the subject of interest which is Pharmaceutical Rep and these people seek to share this information with others with the same passion for a fixed amount of money. As a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative aspirant, you should take advantage of this opportunity so you also can become professionally certified.

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#5. Begin Networking

Through your degrees and your professional certification, you would have met quite a lot of people and made quite a few friends. Getting a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative can be difficult because most companies only post job openings when word of mouth isn’t producing many results. Hence, having a good network of friends can help keep you updated about any openings even before they go out of the firm.

#6. Get Sales Experience and Develop Your Skills

Notwithstanding the fact that you are aiming for a position as a pharmaceutical sales representative, you can as well apply for jobs that are not entirely pharmaceutical-related but have some element of sales in them. This will give you the opportunity to grow your skills in sales, which can also be applied when you finally land a job.

#7. Be Updated On Industry News

Even as you wait to get your dream job, as you do other related jobs, keep yourself updated on any news related to pharmacy, both in your country and other countries around the world.

#8. Prepare Your Resume and Cover Letter

After some time in your intern job, you should have relevant knowledge and experience. Prepare your resume and your cover letter as well as there might be an opportunity for your dream job at any time. ensure you take your resume to professionals in that aspect to assess and advise on necessary adjustments to make.

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Pharmaceutical Rep Certification

To be a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, you must first be certified. In fact, One of the most famous and recognized bodies in charge of this certification is the Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR). To obtain this certification, you must go through different phases of training on the regulations guiding pharmaceutical sales, the terminologies used, physiology, and of course pharmacology.

You can opt to et your CNPR training online which is what is most preferred now. On completion of the training, you can sit for the CPRN exam in order to earn your credential.

Pharmaceutical Rep Jobs

There are so many job opportunities available to you as a Pharmaceutical Rep. Listed below is some of the vacancies.

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  • Field Force Managers at a Pharmaceutical Marketing Company (4 Openings)
  • National Sales Manager at Tyonex Nigeria Limited
  • National Sales Manager at a Pharmaceutical Distribution Company
  • Sales Representative (Enugu) at Society for Family Health (SFH)
  • Sales Representatives at Chemo-Pharma Laboratories Limited
  • Product Manager (Pharmaceutical Marketing) at Willers Solutions Limited
  • Pharmaceutical Field Force Manager at Sylken Limited (Lagos)

To get information about any of the jobs, visit this link

Pharmaceutical Rep Salary

Going by the data gotten from, an average Pharmaceutical rep’s salary per year is over $73000 per year which is precisely why the job of the Pharmaceutical sales Rep and is considered to be high esteem and very lucrative

Wrap Up

A career as a pharmaceutical rep is an awesome choice however, ensure you strive to become the best as there are many other people aiming for that also. So to stand out, you must create a path of uniqueness for yourself.


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