Patient Stories | Urology| Summa Health (2023)

Patient Stories | Urology| Summa Health (1)

Lenny Lott

Urology Patient

After an innovative urological procedure, his prostate issues were gone the nextday.

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Lenny: I had trouble urinating. For about a year, year-and-a-half, I was going more frequent, wasn't draining my bladder out and then it really started to be painful. It was getting worse all thetime.

I knew I had to do something, so I went to Summa Urology and went to see Dr.KevinSpear. He told me I had an enlarged prostate and there's a new procedure they were doing called Aquablation and he was one of the few doctors that could do it, so I said, I'm in. We'll try that. I had the procedure done. It was on a Monday and I got out Tuesday morning. No problems. Started urinating like I did 20 years ago. Dr.Spear and his team at Summa, they're great and the nurses were awesome. Dr.Spear is, he's personal. He really cares what he's doing and he's very good at what hedoes.

A lot of men my age, we're gonna have prostate problems and there's a lot of options out there and I found mine at SummaHealth, so I'd recommend toanybody.

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Mike Schmeltzer

Urology Patient

Back coaching three weeks after robotic prostatesurgery

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Mike: My PSA levels were rising, so my primary physician referred me to SummaHealth Urology. That's where I met Dr.Nething who ordered a biopsy with Dr.Dankoff. It was found that I had prostatecancer.

When I heard the word cancer, it was my worst fear, but Dr.Dankoff was amazing. He guided me through this in a way that it did relieve the stress somewhat and I decided on robotic prostate surgery with Dr.Arora.

I coach high school girls basketball and three weeks later, I was on the courts coaching again, which was truly amazing. I know a little bit about teamwork. I feel SummaHealth Urology team could take us to thechampionship.

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Robin Rice

Prostate Cancer Patient

Grateful to watch his grandchildren grow after beating prostatecancer

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Robin: I was having trouble urinating. And I went to Summa Urology. During his examination, he discovered that my prostate was enlarged. Dr. Dankoff did a biopsy, and it was discovered that I had prostatecancer.

When you hear the word cancer, it's almost, it was like the end of life. When I met Dr. Arora, it was like a knight in shining armor. He let me know that it wasn't the end of life. And he scheduled robotic surgery. What I learned about robotic surgery is that it is so precise, they take out exactly what they need, and nothingmore.

You know, when I got that call that I was cancer-free, my wife and I did a dance of joy and praise. I have 18 grandchildren and one great-grand. Dr. Arora has extended my life, as far as I'm concerned, for me to be able to watch themgrow.

You know what I would say to guys? Set your pride aside. Get that prostate examination. It just might save yourlife.

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Patient Stories | Urology| Summa Health (4)

Bob Titus

Appreciates Summa Health caring for his kidney stones and ourcommunity

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Robert Titus: I woke up one morning and was feeling really bad. A lot of severe pressure and pain in my abdomen. I went to my local doctor and they did a scan and found out that I had two large kidney stones.

I went to see Dr.Dankoff at Summa Health. He said that the kidney stones were so large that I needed to have surgery. The procedure that I had was a lithotripsy to blast the kidney stones.

A little bit about Dr. Dankoff. One of the most caring, genuine, amazing men in the medical field that I have ever met. In fact, I'm the CEO of OPEN M and we have a free clinic and Dr. Dankoff comes on a monthly basis and sees our patients, volunteering.

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I would say the culture of Summa Hospital is a neighborhood Hospital. We are so blessed to have Summa Hospital right here in our backyard in Akron. And I am really blessed to not have those kidney stones any longer.

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Amy Hallett

Kidney Cancer Patient

Devastated upon diagnosis, Dr. Nething gave herhope

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Amy: Out of the blue, I have this excruciating stomach pain one evening, and I end up going to the emergency room. I have a CAT scan done, and they find I have acute appendicitis, and incidentally they find I have a mass on my left kidney. So I was referred to Dr.Nething at SummaHealth for furthercare.

When I heard the word cancer, my heart fell. But Dr.Nething gave me hope. He had a plan of care in place by the time I left that first visit. We opted for the partial nephrectomy through robotic surgery. And it was successful. He saved most of mykidney.

I have so much to live for. And I have hope. Dr.Nething was important in giving me that hope. I trusthim.

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Jay Wheeland

Prostate cancer survivor shares the importance ofscreening

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Jay: I just hadn't been to the doctor in years, and my wife finally talked me into it, and that's when they discovered the enlarged prostate. That's when I went to Summa Health, searched out Dr.Nething, and was actually diagnosed with the prostatecancer.

The recovery from the robotic surgery was absolutely minimal. I figured that guy pretty much saved my life. As a matter of fact, Dr. Nething and his staff invited me to a Rubber Ducks game to throw out the first pitch on Summa Health Cancer AwarenessNight.

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Now that the cancer is reading absolute minimal, I can spend time with my grand kids. God I lovethem.

My message to other men would be go get that prostate checked. Get the exam. It just might save yourlife.

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Martha Ward

Kidney Cancer Patient

Is grateful to be cancer-free after roboticsurgery

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Martha: I felt a pulling sensation and annoyance in my left side. My primary care doctor referred me to Summa. The ultrasound revealed two dark lesions on my kidney and I was sent to Summa urology. Dr. Arora told me surgery was needed immediately. The lesions in my left kidney were cancerous and they removed themrobotically.

I had my surgery in the early stages of COVID, but I felt confident that Summa would keep me safe. Dr. Arora is my hero. He was so caring, so compassionate. He saved me, I am cancer-free. I am so relieved and happy and blessed to saythat.

My grandsons are seven and nine, and I wanna live to see them grow up and dance at their weddings. And the kick is, I don't dance, but I might takelessons.

Patient Stories | Urology| Summa Health (8)

Thomas Mack

Living life to the fullest after kidney stonesurgery

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Thomas: I'm a really young guy. I love sports. I workout daily. I do extreme sports. I eat very healthy. And then out of nowhere, I show signs of having blood in my urine. My primary care doctor at Summa Health referred me to Dr.Dankoff. Dr.Dankoff actually determined that I had a massive kidney stone over two inches. Typically they measure kidney stones in millimeters, but this was in inches. Dr.Dankoff told me the only way to get this stone this size out is through surgery, and a young guy like me, that's the last thing I want to hear. From the first phone call with Dr.Dankoff, I was able to really be put atease.

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After the surgery I was so grateful that everything was so great. I was thanking every single person I saw. I just wanted to tell everybody how great of a job they weredoing.

Within two weeks I was back running, lifting, playing volleyball on my league. And even shortly after that I went whitewater rafting. You know living life to the fullest. And I got the picture to proveit.

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Angela Shelton

Enjoying a full life after kidneysurgery

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Angela: I had back pains. I had thyroid problems. I had kidney stones. And I finally came into care of Dr.Dankoff at Summa. After numerous attempts to try to save my kidneys, breaking down the stones, he decided that I had to have my kidney removed. I wasterrified.

Summa's doctors, they really worked as a team. And all of them they made sure that I got the top quality care that I deserved. Without Dr.Dankoff, I don't know if I would be here today. I just feel that Dr.Dankoff is just a savior to me. He has just saved my life. I would do anything for Dr.Dankoff because I'm his biggestfan.

Before the surgery, I wasn't able to enjoy my children. Now I'm able to go skating, maybe to go bowling. You name it. I'm enjoyinglife.

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Norma Curry

Gratitude for care received during kidneysurgery

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Norma: My kidneys were failing me, so I went to see Dr.Nething at Summa Health. After all the tests, he told me we're going to do surgery, but the good news is, the wonderful news is, they only had to take onekidney.

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When I had the surgery, when I woke up, I was not in pain. Thanks to Dr.Nething, that one kidney is functioning better thantwo.

My experience at Summa was second to none. I mean everybody in the hospital, from the nurses to the housekeepers, hear me well. Hear me well for real. Summa Health has been a godsend to me. It's like someone said to the next person, "She's coming. Put the red carpet out. She's coming. Make sure her bed is warm. She's coming." I love me mySumma.


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