SugarCRM vs. Pipedrive: CRM Smackdown (2023)

The customer relationship management (CRM) market is crowded with options. Depending on the size of your business and the types of features, reporting, and integrations you need, we've given our Editors' Choice to solutionssuch asApptivo CRM on the cheaper, more customizable end of the spectrum, Zoho CRM (15-Day Free Trial at Zoho CRM)(Opens in a new window) for depth of features, and Sales Cloud Professional Edition (Visit Site for Pricing at in a new window) for enterprise-grade workflows and performance at an enterprise price.

Beyond the Editors' Choices, there's still a Royal Rumble's worth of great CRM offeringsavailable for businesses to consider. Two of the best are SugarCRM (40.00 Per Month at SugarCRM)(Opens in a new window) and Pipedrive CRM (Try Pipedrive Free for 14-Day at PipeDrive)(Opens in a new window) . Each brings a capable platform to the table with its own feature strengths and business use cases. But, to gauge the better fit for your business, we decided to throw both CRMs into the ring and see which comes out standing.

Plans and Pricing
Pricing is always going to be a crucial buying factor but, when it comes to CRM tools,it can also help separate the platforms that are better suited for small to midsize businesses (SMBs)from the ones geared toward larger enterprises. In one corner we have SugarCRM, starting at $40 per user per month for the Professional plan, and packing features including marketing lead management and automation for sales, support, and call centers. The $65 per user per month Enterprise plan adds more storage and features including advanced workflows and more detailed line item forecasting. The $150 per user per month Ultimate plan adds even more storage, a dedicated account manager, and on-demand sandboxes.

In the opposite corner, Pipedrive CRM comes with one plan and one plan only: $12 per user per month. That plan comes with all of Pipedrive's features, no account limits, and no additional charges. This could mean a far more affordable plan for smaller businesses (or a more expensive one for enterprise users if you keep adding up that $12 per user. But it's still not as expensive as even SugarCRM's Starter plan).

Broken down more simply, SugarCRM's plans are heavy-duty and full of different feature bells and whistles you can get at different tiers. Pipedrive's plan is dead simple. SugarCRM struts into the arena in full shimmering Macho Man Randy Savage garb, and Pipedrive CRM is Stone Cold sporting a ripped t-shirt and jorts. It's a classic match but we pick Stone Cold. Edge: Pipedrive CRM

Setup and User Experience (UX)

(Video) SugarCRM Overview - Top Features, Pros & Cons, and Alternatives

Pipedrive CRM's setup is relatively simple. You don't need to enter any credit card information for the 30-day free trial, and the dashboard itself is easy to set up and navigate. There are less sheer customization options than SugarCRM or a platformsuch asBitrix24 CRM (Visit Site at Bitrix24)(Opens in a new window) . Plus, Pipedrive's user interface (UI) is far more focused on providing what the company calls a "visual pipeline" for deals, and the pipeline itself is customizable by clicking into Settings to drag and drop different deals into the stages you've laid out. In the Deals tab, you see the "idea" or campaign associated with each contact, the contact's name, their needs, whether or not they've been presented with a proposal, and whether or not they're currently in negotiation. The experience is similar in the Mail, Activities (calendar), and Contacts tabs. What you see is what you get.

SugarCRM is based on open-source software so, if you've got a good IT admin team in place, the customization options are unlimited. You can try out the platform through an online instance serving as a seven-day trial to get you familiar with the relatively complicatedUI. SugarCRM is set up according to personas: You choose a setting such as administrator, vice president of marketing, vice president of sales, senior support representative, sales representative, etc., and configure the dashboard based on that role. That includes customizing your top navigation bar with whatever menu items you need, including everything from leads and quotes to emails, bugs, and documents. Each section is similarly laid out, with a Create button at the top of the page, but setting up that level of customization is an involved process. SugarCRM offers more for defined use cases once you're up and running, but Pipedrive CRM is far simpler to set up and start using. Edge: Pipedrive CRM

Managing Contacts and Leads

Once SugarCRM is set up and you've logged into a dashboard configured with a specific persona, the contact and lead management process is quite powerful. Sales representatives in the SugarCRM dashboard can manage contacts and leads by clicking on the eye icon next to a contact in the Contacts tab; this pops up a bubblecontaining basic info that can expand into an entire record. You can also upload notes and documents associated with a contact, and use the bulk edit feature to select and edit multiple contacts. In the Leads tab, you can import contacts and assign them to different tracks or "opportunities" to then manage for various campaigns. Also, the platform now includes social customer relationship management (Opens in a new window)social CRM capabilitiesto integrate social information about your contacts and leads as part of your social CRM strategy.

In Pipedrive, contact and lead management is all about creating "Deals." Click the "Add Deal" button in that tab to enter new contact information and drop them into a stage of the deal pipeline. Associated with each deal in the pipeline are at-a-glance activity schedules that list all of the active and follow-up activities related to the deal. You can click over to the Mail tab to manage email forwarding associated with specific contacts. Pipedrive CRM's contact and lead management is simple to use and laser-focused on closing that deal but, from a sheer feature perspective, SugarCRM gives you a lot more tools with which to work. Edge: SugarCRM

Reporting and Analytics

Pipedrive's built-in reporting features can be found in the Statistics tab, which provides a live dashboard of activities, deal values, employee deal counts, and deals that were won and lost. You can also access specific reports for a user or for the company as a whole. Beyond the deal-specific metrics, though, there's not much other reporting or customization to be found. Pipedrive is all about the deal pipeline, and all its reporting features feed into that. For a lot of businesses, that may be all you need.

SugarCRM's reporting and analytics features are far heftier, bordering on the visual reporting and deep data analysis capabilities you might find in a self-servicebusiness intelligence (BI) tool. In the Reports module, you'll find various report types—row and columns, summations, matrixes—and you can add different data filters such as target or related module, run-time filters, or operators. There are also a variety of viewing and visualization options using different grids and charts, and all of the reports are searchable by module, report type, and team. Pipedrive CRM gives business what they needfor basic reporting, but SugarCRM gives you everything you could possibly need. Edge: SugarCRM

(Video) SugarCRM 101: Is It The Right CRM for Your Business?

Extra Goodies

As the match rages on and it comes time to pull all of the hidden props and weapons out from under the ring, both CRM platforms have a substantial arsenal of mobile apps and third-party integrations. SugarCRM Mobile(Opens in a new window)for Android and iOS includes Quick Create functionality to create new contacts, leads, andopportunities on the go, along with an Upcoming Events screen and the ability to make calls and log activity on a lead or task from within the app. SugarCRM's integrations aren't quite as plug-and-play as other CRMs, but the open nature of the platform allows integration with nearly anything through its application programming interface (API). The company also has an extensive partner ecosystem(Opens in a new window)to help facilitate integrations into specific solutions.

Pipedrive CRM offers Android and iOS apps(Opens in a new window)as well, packaging up its entire deal pipeline and almost all of its desktop functionality for mobile use. The platform also has far more built-in integrations you don't need a developer to enable, including the full suite of Google Apps, email marketing platformssuch asMailChimp ($10.00 at Mail Chimp)(Opens in a new window) , Zapier for task automation with various productivity tools, and a long list(Opens in a new window)of others. Pipedrive also has an API of its own. Both platforms have serious firepower at their disposal but, for smaller businesses, the easier built-in integrations gives the slight advantage here.Edge: Pipedrive CRM

Bottom Line
As the match comes to a close, both SugarCRM and PipedriveCRM got in some good shots. Each performed some of its signature moves—SugarCRM's open-source suplex put the hurt on Pipedrive, but the opposing CRM came back with a bruising Deal Pipe finishing move. While SugarCRM's depth of role-based customization and reporting features may be more appealing to larger enterprises, Pipedrive's simple setup and UX, clear lead-based goals, and wider selection of built-in integrations make it the more sensible choice for most SMBs. Not to mention that, when it comes to price, Pipedrive CRM pins SugarCRM with a quick tap out every time. Recommendation: Pipedrive CRM

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Why might a businesses choose Pipedrive CRM over Salesforce CRM? ›

Why might a business choose Pipedrive CRM over Salesforce CRM? Pipedrive lets users get a complete overview of their sales activities and pipelines. It's also a feature-rich option that offers pipeline management, custom dashboards, a mobile app and document library at a much cheaper cost compared to Salesforce.

Can Pipedrive be used as a CRM? ›

CRM software that drives sales

With Pipedrive, you can integrate all your sales, marketing and sales-related tools and processes into one easy-to-use customer relationship management software.

Is SugarCRM same as SuiteCRM? ›

Both SugarCRM and SuiteCRM offer two deployment options for their software: on-premise or cloud-based. There aren't many major differences here. If you opt for cloud hosting, you'll either use SugarCloud or SuiteCRM's own cloud hosting, depending on which vendor you choose.

What makes Pipedrive unique? ›

Pipedrive is a highly customizable CRM that empowers you to manage your sales processes your way. You can customize pipelines, add custom fields and multiple currencies or use Pipedrive's Marketplace and open API to connect other software. Full access. No credit card required.

What is a key advantage that Pipedrive has over other CRMS? ›

Advantages and disadvantages of the Pipedrive CRM

Simplicity and functionality without losing power. It is also easy to set up, install and run. It allows for closer communication and customer management with chatbot, call, and email solutions.

Which is one of the top CRM business driver? ›

Automation/productivity/efficiencyAutomation/productivity/efficiency is the top CRM business driver as displayed in the CRM business driversfigure.

What is Pipedrive best for? ›

What is Pipedrive best for? Pipedrive is a CRM tool for sales teams to manage and track contacts, leads and deals. It's considered an operational CRM, but there are other types of CRM apps that may be better for your business, depending on your needs.

When should you not use a CRM? ›

Why You Don't Need a CRM
  • You don't want your contact data kept in one central location. ...
  • You don't want every interaction with a customer to be logged automatically. ...
  • You don't want communication across your organization to improve. ...
  • You don't want to improve synergy with your marketing organization.
Nov 7, 2019

How many people use Pipedrive? ›

About Pipedrive

Founded in 2010, Pipedrive is the global sales-first CRM and intelligent revenue management platform for small businesses. Today, Pipedrive is used by revenue teams at more than 100,000 companies worldwide.

What is the highest rated CRM? ›

Top 10 CRM Software
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  • HubSpot Sales Hub.
  • Zoho.
  • monday sales CRM.
  • ClickUp.
  • Freshsales.
  • Pipedrive.
  • ActiveCampaign for Sales.

What database does SugarCRM use? ›

All Sugar products support the MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

How good is SugarCRM? ›

Sugar Serve is the best CRM software for Businesses & Professionals ! Highly recommended. Sugar CRM is one of the best customer service platform for businesses and professionals to provide product support and customer supported services in real time manner and improve service experience.

Why is Pipedrive so slow? ›

If Pipedrive is being slow

Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version. You can see if you are on the latest version of your browser here. Clear the cache and cookies of your browser. Log in to Pipedrive with another browser.

Can Pipedrive automate emails? ›

With Pipedrive, you can automate just about any step of your sales process. Trigger personalized emails that go out whenever you create a deal, or move a deal along a pipeline stage, keeping leads warm while you focus on high-priority tasks.

What is similar to Pipedrive? ›

Top Pipedrive Alternatives
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  • Insightly CRM.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.
  • Zoho CRM.
  • Vtiger One.
  • Sales Hub.
  • Freshsales Suite.
  • Zendesk Sell.

How many contacts can you have in Pipedrive? ›

Note: Pipedrive has no usage limits for contacts, however third-party apps like Google Contacts can. So if you have contact sync enabled you may get a limit from your contact provider. Note: An open deal refers to a deal that has not been won, lost, or deleted.

What software does Starbucks use for CRM? ›

Starbucks has created a website called "My Starbucks Idea" for their benefit and the customers benefit. The website is powered by salesforce. With this webite, customers get to voice their opinions and the company gets feedback from their customers so they know where they are excelling and where they can improve.

What type of CRM does uber use? ›

As a global company with thousands of employees and millions of active consumers, Uber requires a reliable platform like Salesforce to function. Salesforce is a leading CRM software that enables you to integrate with social media platforms.

What CRM does Microsoft use? ›

Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available as a cloud offering or an on-premises installation. As with CRM 4, this version can be highly customized using advanced extensions.

How expensive is Pipedrive? ›

When billed annually, Pipedrive's Advanced plan costs $24.90 per user per month ($298.80 per user per year), and $34.90 per user per month when billed monthly.

Who uses Pipedrive? ›

Companies using Pipedrive CRM for CRM include: Price Waterhouse Coopers, a United States based Professional Services organisation with 284000 employees and revenues of $43.00 billion, Escorts Limited, a India based Manufacturing organisation with 10000 employees and revenues of $17.00 billion, A & A Contract Customs ...

Is Pipedrive a unicorn? ›

In order to reach to the desired unicorn status, you first must create a successful startup. Ragnar Sass, co-founder of Pipedrive, the latest unicorn from Estonian unicorn factory, tells us why there are so many successful startups growing out of the Estonian CRM company.

What is the main drawback of CRM? ›

A lack of commitment or resistance to cultural change from people within the company can cause major difficulties with the CRM implementation. Customer relationships may break down and result in loss of revenue, unless everyone in the business is committed to viewing their operations from the customers' perspective.

What is the biggest risk to a CRM success? ›

#1 – Bad Data Makes a Bad CRM

And the statistics back him up. According to Gartner, 30% of data within CRM systems is outdated within 12 months. Gartner's data also points to data being the No. 1 cause of CRM failure.

Should I put CRM on my resume? ›

That's why it's important to include your customer management skills on your resume. This will showcase that you've been able to increase customer loyalty throughout the whole buying journey. As well: you're apt at turning leads into clients and improving the relationships over time.

Who owns Pipedrive? ›

Vista Equity Partners

Is HubSpot or Pipedrive better? ›

There are pros and cons to both options here: if you want more features, more complexity and more scalability across your entire organization, look at HubSpot more closely. But if you want simplicity and stricter budget control as you scale your sales team, Pipedrive could be a better fit.

Is Pipedrive reliable? ›

The platform's lowest-tiered plan – Pipedrive Essential – costs £14.90 per user, per month. Our expert team of researchers gave Pipedrive 3.9 out of 5. We think it is particularly strong for contact management given its outstanding reporting and organisational tools.

What CRM does Amazon use? ›

Amazon uses a cloud-based system called Salesforce CRM to manage its customer relationships. This software helps businesses track customer data, customer interactions, and sales opportunities.

What is the CRM trend for 2023? ›

CRM trends in 2023 indicate an increasing shift towards integrating self-service portals with CRM software. In the past, most business management systems were complex, expensive, and required IT support to set up and maintain.

Which CRM is easiest to use? ›

Zoho CRM is known for being an easy-to-use CRM, but it's also a powerful and scalable solution for any size business. It's a great choice for small businesses because of its integrations with popular apps and relative affordability.

Is SugarCRM easy to use? ›

Indeed a great CRM with effective results

I am using it for more than three years and like almost everything about it. This CRM is very easy to use because of its simple design and easy to use user interface. I like the way SugarCRM provides reports and dashboards which is very easy to understand.

Which database is best for CRM? ›

Here are our top 10 customer database software solutions.
  1. Zendesk Sell. Zendesk Sell offers a complete CRM and customer database solution for businesses of all sizes. ...
  2. Zoho. Zoho offers a host of SaaS products, and its CRM was its original offering back in 2005. ...
  3. HubSpot. ...
  4. Freshworks. ...
  5. Salesforce. ...
  6. Bitrix24. ...
  7. Pipedrive. ...
  8. Apptivo.
Mar 7, 2023

Which database engine is best? ›

  • MySQL. In 1995, two Software Engineers, Michael Widenius and David Axmark, created the Open Source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) MySQL. ...
  • Oracle. When Edgar F. ...
  • PostgreSQL. ...
  • Microsoft SQL Server. ...
  • MongoDB. ...
  • Redis. ...
  • Elasticsearch. ...
  • Cassandra.

What are the limitations of SugarCRM? ›

By default, the application's Maximum Upload Size setting is set to 30000000 bytes, which is equivalent to 30MB, so the default upload limit will be 30MB on a fresh SugarCloud instance. To reduce the impact of file uploads on your instance size, simply reduce the application's Maximum Upload Size setting.

How many customers does SugarCRM have? ›

We have data on 6,652 companies that use SugarCRM. The companies using SugarCRM are most often found in United States and in the Information Technology and Services industry. SugarCRM is most often used by companies with 10-50 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue.

Is SugarCRM still open source? ›

In 2014 the project announced there would only be proprietary licenses starting at Sugar 7. In 2020, a statement "SugarCRM is not an open source solution" could be found on SugarCRMs website.

How many emails can you send on Pipedrive? ›

To send a specific email to all selected contacts at once, click the “Send group email” button. Note: You can select up to one hundred contacts when group emailing.

Where are the winning deals in Pipedrive? ›

To create a filter, go to the filtering button in the top right corner of your screen and click on "Add new filter". You can create a filter that matches to following conditions to see all of the won, lost, or deleted deals in your account.

Can Pipedrive be used for marketing? ›

Use one hub for sales and marketing

With Campaigns by Pipedrive, you can automate your sales and marketing strategy in an all-in-one, user-friendly tool. Quickly create workflows from one of our many sales and marketing templates, or build one quickly with the WYSIWYG editor.

How salesforce is better than Pipedrive? ›

The main difference is that Salesforce supports more than 3,000 third-party integrations, while Pipedrive only integrates with around 350 apps. If you're a large organization with teams that require an extensive list of integrations, then Salesforce is the better option.

Does Pipedrive work with Gmail? ›

Pipedrive is the original pipeline CRM software for more sales and less legwork. It's easy to use and integrates with Gmail, giving you context about deals and contacts without leaving your inbox.

Does Pipedrive sync with Outlook? ›

This Integration syncs important sales data between Pipedrive and Outlook: Contacts, organizations, deals, activities and emails. We provide a cloud solution that syncs to any device automatically and in a timeframe that you choose.

Is Pipedrive Hipaa compliant? ›

Pipedrive CRM is not HIPAA compliant, but the CRM solutions that are can help you manage your patient data securely.

Is CRM better than Salesforce CRM? ›

It provides better management, support, and marketing.

Salesforce provides a number of features that are tailored to the needs of sales and marketing professionals. Salesforce provides statistics, configurable dashboards, customer interaction tools, prospect and lead tracking, multitasking, and other features.

What is Pipedrive CRM used for? ›

Pipedrive is a CRM tool for sales teams to manage and track contacts, leads and deals. It's considered an operational CRM, but there are other types of CRM apps that may be better for your business, depending on your needs.

Why might a company choose to have a CRM system? ›

CRM solutions can help keep track of contacts within a business, to allow both sales and marketing teams to personalize communication. Good CRM solutions can supplement their account and contact data through third-party data sources so that all information is complete and up to date.

What does Pipedrive CRM do? ›

Pipedrive CRM is a sales-focused customer relationship management solution designed to help you get more leads, manage sales and grow your business. Pipedrive CRM is incredibly easy to use.

What is the most successful CRM in today's market? ›

HubSpot CRM: In today's competitive market, HubSpot is one of the famous and most commonly used CRM tools.

Why choose Pipedrive? ›

Pipedrive makes it easy to customize filters and search criteria for important information about your sales, existing customers and leads. Even a couple of seconds can make or break a sale, and in the long term you save hours in spreadsheet admin.

What kind of companies benefit most using CRM? ›

Manufacturing, professional services, and B2B companies are three of the many businesses that have experienced improved customer relationships and higher profits after implementing CRM.

What are the disadvantages of CRM? ›

Potential drawbacks of CRM systems
  • software subscription or purchase fees.
  • premium upgrades, eg add-on marketing or reporting features.
  • customisation.
  • IT resources needed.
  • hardware or software requirements.
  • staff training and upskilling.

What are the 10 benefits of CRM? ›

Here are 11 key benefits a CRM could provide.
  • Better customer service. ...
  • Increased sales. ...
  • Improved customer retention. ...
  • Detailed analytics. ...
  • Higher productivity and efficiency. ...
  • Centralized database of information. ...
  • Managed communications with prospective leads. ...
  • Improved customer segmentation.
Feb 21, 2023

Who uses Pipedrive CRM? ›

Companies using Pipedrive CRM for CRM include: Price Waterhouse Coopers, a United States based Professional Services organisation with 328000 employees and revenues of $45.00 billion, Escorts Limited, a India based Manufacturing organisation with 10000 employees and revenues of $17.00 billion, A & A Contract Customs ...


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