The Complete Back Recovery Program Reviews (Alex Larsson) Hyperbolic Stretching For Spine, Neck And Sciatica Support (2023)

Do you spend long periods in front of your computer? Have you made a goal of standing up from your desk now and then but failed to follow through? For those whose jobs require sitting in front of a computer or being seated for long periods, it could be hard to think of getting up, especially when concentration kicks in. As devoted as people might be, one health coach used to work similarly, only to have been diagnosed with severe spinal issues.

When given the chance to resort to surgery, the expert gave it a thought and decided against it. So, what did he do to recover from such a devastating experience? He used the body's self-healing capacities to turn his life around. Best of all, he documented what worked in his at-home program. This review aims to reveal the different layers of The Complete Back Recovery Program.

What is The Complete Back Recovery Program?

The Complete Back Recovery Program is designed to strengthen the back, spine, and neck while alleviating sciatica symptoms. This program, created by Alex Larsson, contains something for everyone, regardless of age or overall mobility. Our editorial team was impressed by the setup of this program, as it comprises a combination of follow-along videos and a detailed exercise PDF book. The latter is ideal for people who process information differently and those who require a push to move from motion to action. In light of everything, let's look at what The Complete Back Recovery Program offers regarding content.

The Complete Back Recovery Program: Try it now, you won't be disappointed!

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What Does The Complete Back Recovery Program Have to Offer?

There's plenty in store for people hoping to transform and improve their overall wellness. In particular, individuals will come to learn of the following:

  • Simple, safe, and highly effective exercises executed uniquely for quick results
  • Ways to build flexibility and strength from the ground up
  • How walking, standing, and sitting habits affect pelvic tilt, hunched back, and forward head posture
  • Why people should ditch a sedentary way of life for long-term health
  • Ways to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep without any interruptions
  • Exercises that boost oxygen circulation and, as a result, boost energy levels
  • Proper strength and flexibility exercises for chronic back pain, sciatica, and spinal correcting

When people include The Complete Back Recovery Program and the facets above into their everyday lives, their entire body will get stronger and more relaxed and enjoy enhanced mobility, core and mental strength, and overall flexibility. Above all else, individuals will enjoy everyday activities without quickly feeling worn out throughout the day.

Purchasing The Complete Back Recovery Program

You can purchase The Complete Back Recovery Program from the official website. Regularly priced at $149, The Complete Back Recovery Program offers videos you can easily follow along with and a detailed exercise pdf book available at a one-time price of $37, with no strings attached or monthly fees. Those who purchase the program will have immediate access to the program once payment is completed.

Meet Alex Larsson

Alex Larsson founded Hyperbolic Stretching and created The Complete Back Recovery Program. Alex used to spend over 10 hours a day in front of his computer at some point. He couldn't rise from his chair one evening after his usual shift, and that's when he was told he had a total neuro-muscular shutdown of the back and hips. Fortunately, Alex did not have to spend months reactivating his muscles. His exercise background enabled him to comprehend and listen to his body and employ particular tactics to get back on his feet. His exact recovery protocol was then shared with over one million people globally.

Here is Alex's take on The Complete Back Recovery Program:


My name is Alex Larsson, MSc and my mobility program has already helped over one million people of all ages, body types and conditions reinstate their mobility, strength, and flexibility, and that without expensive, invasive treatments or any equipment […] Complete Back Recovery Program has been designed to address all causes of lumbar problems, issues with upper back, pinched nerves and piriformis, neck problems and incorrect posture. You will learn how to exactly, properly, and quickly strengthen muscles of the back, abdominals, hips, and legs for better support.”

The Complete Back Recovery Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is The Complete Back Recovery Program suitable for?

A: The Complete Back Recovery Program is beginner-friendly and designed to activate self-recovery using an exercise protocol.

Q: Do I Need a Gym Membership to Start With the Complete Back Recovery Program?

A: The Complete Back Recovery Program does not require a gym. This program is unique in that it is structured around a home approach. The exercises can be done in the comfort of one's own home.

Q: Are All the Complete Back Recovery Program Exercises Meant to Be Performed on the Floor?

A: The Complete Back Recovery Program exercises are not all designed for the floor.

Q: Do I Need to Wait for the Complete Back Recovery Program to Arrive to Get Started?

A: The Complete Back Recovery Program is entirely digital. Therefore, the videos and the PDF of all the exercises can be accessed through one's respective browser anytime.

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Q: Will I Have Lifetime Access to the Complete Back Recovery Program?

A: Individuals will hold lifetime access to The Complete Back Recovery Program.

Q: Can I Access the Complete Back Recovery Program if I Don't Live in the US?

A: Since The Complete Back Recovery Program is entirely online, anyone from anywhere can access it.

Q: What if the Complete Back Recovery Program Isn't Helpful for Me?

A: Suppose individuals do not see or feel physical or mental differences after trying The Complete Back Recovery Program. In that case, they are encouraged to contact customer support for a full purchase price refund. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Product Support Email:
  • ClickBank Order Support:!/

The Complete Back Recovery Program is a movement-based program for healing. Alex Larsson leveraged his past back event to establish several programs aimed at physical well-being. Furthermore, he wants to ensure that people's first option isn't to resort to surgeries or other invasive procedures, especially given the recovery duration and the potential of lasting damage.

Our editorial team appreciated the program's general structure because it blends follow-along videos with a PDF book where individuals can add additional notes if they like. This balance makes it much easier to retain information and movements, which may help make recovery exercises a habit performed automatically. And all for $37, it is an absolute steal. To find out more about The Complete Back Recovery Program, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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How much does hyperbolic stretching cost? ›

Pricing. The Hyperbolic Stretching program by Alex Larsson is only available through the official website. Customers obtain the video program via email for only $27! You can view the program from anywhere and on any smart device.

What is hyperbolic stretching routine? ›

Hyperbolic stretching is a daily eight minutes of stretching designed to help you increase your flexibility without reducing performance. Typically, when we think of extreme flexibility, such as the splits or high-flying martial arts kicks, we imagine elite athletes who train multiple times per day.

What is hyperbolic training? ›

Hyperbolic Stretching program eliminates your stiffness and muscle tension during static poses or dynamic moves. It regains your balance and better mobility. You will get the secret to improve your mobility, muscle strength, and acceleration speed.

Do chiropractors recommend stretching? ›

Today, stretching is regularly recommended by physical therapists, chiropractors, and other kinesthetic physicians for pain relief, rehab, or injury prevention.

How long does it take to see results from stretching? ›

You should begin to notice a difference in how flexible you are within two to four weeks. However, that's only if you practice stretching at least five days every week. You also want to practice an array of stretches so that your whole body feels the burn.

How often should you do hyperbolic stretching? ›

Improve flexibility

Stretching exercises focuses on the achievement of full body elasticity and muscle strength. If you follow the stretching program effectively, you achieve full elasticity. The Hyperbolic Stretching program is 8 minutes per day program to be followed for at least 4 weeks.

Is assisted stretching worth the money? ›

Practitioners claim there are numerous benefits to assisted stretching, such as increasing your flexibility, blood circulation and range of motion. It also helps decrease pain and stiffness, and it lowers your risk of injury.

Are stretching machines worth it? ›

Certainly, when used correctly, stretching machines can help enhance flexibility. But what you need to ask yourself is whether improved flexibility is really the best goal, and even if it is, are these machines worth the cost? Generally, the answer is no.

Is it better to stretch every morning or night? ›

Stretching first thing in the morning can relieve any tension or pain from sleeping the night before. It also helps increase your blood flow and prepares your body for the day ahead. Stretching before bed relaxes your muscles and helps prevent you from waking up with more pain.

How long should the entire stretching routine last? ›

Healthy adults should do flexibility exercises (stretches, yoga, or tai chi) for all major muscle-tendon groups—neck, shoulders, chest, trunk, lower back, hips, legs, and ankles—at least two to three times a week. For optimal results, you should spend a total of 60 seconds on each stretching exercise.

Is it good to stretch 3 times a day? ›

As long as you're not overdoing it, the more regularly you stretch, the better it is for your body. It's better to stretch for a short time every day or almost every day instead of stretching for a longer time a few times per week. Do a 20- to 30-minute session at least three times per week.

How can I stay flexible after 60? ›

4 Ways to Increase Flexibility
  1. Get moving! ...
  2. Stretching – Of course, stretching is what most people think of when they think “flexibility”. ...
  3. Gentle exercise – Gentle exercise includes activities such as Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. ...
  4. Swimming – Swimming can be an effective and enjoyable way to get moving.

What is the difference between strength training and HYP? ›

As a general rule, you'll gain more strength by focusing on lifting heavier weight, lowering reps, and executing fewer sets with full rest in between. By contrast, training for hypertrophy involves moderate weight, higher reps, and more sets with limited rest in between.

Which is better anabolic or hyperbolic? ›

Anabolic mass targets people with slower metabolism while hyperbolic mass targets people with fast metabolisms. If you use a hyperbolic mass, muscle gaining will be exaggerated. It contains more hyperbolic stacks and carbs per serving than anabolic mass.

What stretching is not recommended? ›

The second one is ballistic stretching which uses momentum to force your muscles beyond their natural range of motion. Ballistic stretching is no longer recommended due to an increased risk of inj,ury when performic this type of stretching.

What can I do instead of going to a chiropractor? ›

Alternatives to neck adjustments
  • myofascial release therapy.
  • trigger point therapy.
  • autogenic inhibition.
  • reciprocal inhibition.
  • cross friction therapy.
  • instrument assisted soft tissue therapy.
Nov 10, 2022

What stretching technique is not recommended? ›

Ballistic stretching includes rapid, alternating movements or 'bouncing' at end-range of motion; however, because of increased risk for injury, ballistic stretching is no longer recommended.

What happens if I stretch everyday? ›

Regular stretching helps increase your range of motion in the joints, improves blood circulation and posture and alleviates muscular tension throughout the body, he tells. In addition, it enhances your athletic performance and may reduce the risk of injury, notes the fitness expert.

How much stretching should I do a day to see results? ›

Stretching can be time-consuming. But you can achieve the most benefits by stretching regularly, at least two to three times a week. Even 5 to 10 minutes of stretching at a time can be helpful. Skipping regular stretching means that you risk losing the potential benefits.

Which exercises is good for back pain? ›

Rolling the knees from one side and to the other is one repetition.
  • Begin lying down with your knees pointing towards the ceiling. Slowly roll your knees to the right.
  • Hold for a few seconds and then raise the knees so that they are pointing towards the ceiling again.
  • Repeat on the opposite side.

Which stretching method is most effective? ›

Static stretching is the most common form of stretching, and is usually performed during general fitness routines. It is considered the safest and most effective form of stretching to improve overall flexibility. The best time for static stretching is after your workout as part of your cool down routine.

Does the Japanese stretch work? ›

This exercise may help correct your posture, reduce back pain and reduce tummy fat, but only to a small extent.

Does full body 3x a week work? ›

A full-day workout is a popular and effective training program to follow, however, it's not recommended to do one not every day. To get better results, focus on a full-body session 2-3 days a week, allowing for recovery time in between.


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